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Culture Fusion – New Vision!
Musicians wanted to form a band

“Culture Fusion Orchestra” is looking for immigrant musicians to takepart in a musical project. We will create a band of immigrant musicians to play old Finnish songs that have played an important role in Finnish culture and in the creation of Finnish cultural identity. For example songs by the Harmony Sisters and Olavi Virta.

The goal of the project is to create a band that, through playing old Finnish songs, both traces Finnish cultural history from past to present and provides a platform for its discussion. Through the selection of the songs we want to look deeper into Finnish mentality and the concept of so-called ‘authentic’ culture. We want to highlight that many songs that represent Finnish culture for many Finns are actually are not of Finnish origin.

The musical standards of the project are set high and because of this we have music industry professionals working with the project. We also have a rehearsal space which may also be suitable for recording too. After rehearsing we will record the songs and create a cd, and possibly a dvd, with other visual material too.

The realization of the project will be the live performance, which will take possibly place on the Espa stage in Esplanad Park and in Kiasma theatre.
Still we hope the band will go on to do more live performances in the future.

If you are musician and interested in taking part or have any questions, please contact: or call to: 050-3553070

Eemil Karila

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