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Siz orada Gençlik burada


Dear Potential Partners,

Our association, System and Generation S&G, was established in 2008 in
Turkey, and we have been participating actively in several EU Youth
Programs at national and international levels as Anna Lindth
Foundation, EuroMed etc..

Youth Caravan Project and its volunteers
travel around Turkey, organize "Opportunity Agenda" panels and tell
young people about the EU Youth Programs and especially European
Voluntary Service. Youth Caravan performs several outdoor activities
and arranges a photograph exhibition on the theme of "Neighbourhood"
in high schools, universities, festivals, educational fairs. Youth
Caravan Project started on 22nd June 2008, travelled 49,000 km. with
the message of "You There Youth Here", and have met young people in 25

By our EU Youth Project application to DPT ABEGPM (Turkish National
Agency) application term, including the EU Youth Program
presentation, especially EVS (European Volunteer Service) and Action
1.1 by a caravan, arranging activities about non formal education
techniques and information meetings with students at universities or
in other educational institutes handling the documents of National
Agency, also and Youth Project Development activities and visiting the
projects funded by "YIA" at least 21 cities, our "SEN ORADA GENCLIK
accepted by Turkish National Agency and it has already begun its
journey and activities in June 2008. It will last two years and we
want to host Volunteers for the activities related to the programme of
Youth Caravan and Youth Project Development activities. Furthermore
Youth Caravan will get involved in preparing a Guide Book for EVS
Volunteers and develop innovative tools for EVS in Turkey. Youth
Caravan has already got approximately 2600 volunteers from 81 cities
of Turkey and it has been developing establishments of youth Caravan
Volunteers Groups day by day.

Under the framework of EVS programme up to now we hosted 15 volunteers
from different Programme countries as Italy, Hungary, Spain, France,
Bulgaria and so on. We are now processing on the new the term of the
EVS of which we would like to receive 5 volunteers from Programme
countries and Neighboring Partner Countries who will be doing their
Euroepan Volunteering Service during 12 months in Ankara,Turkey from
15th of May 2010- 15th of May 2011. As the deadline for the
applications is rather tight, please read the technicalities down here
with careful attention:

A: Profile of the Volunteer:

Nationality of Volunteers: 5 volunteers from Programme and
Neighboring Partner Countries;

Age: 18 - 30 years; due exceptions may be made upon thorough
justification from the sending organizations.
Selection criteria: gender balance, with no restriction to education,
religion, race, political orientation or anything that may restrict
individual human rights;ineterest in YIA activities and youth caravan;
ready to travel and have flexible programme;
Experience: former involvement with youth work any other non formal
activities or voluntary work is an advantage but not an exclusive
Language Proficiency: - at least basic level of English (being able to
make herself/himself understood by the others - able to
communicate);ready to learn Turkish;
Other requests: availability and desire to live an intense period of
volunteering with different cultures, open to sharing and sensitive to
hosting country peculiarities;

B: Selection of volunteers:

deadline to receive candidate application forms: October 19th , 2009
The interested candidates shall send an application consisting of the
following documents:

-Youth caravan Application form and Curriculum Vitae

-Motivation Letter - please make specific reference to the position
you have towards working in youth caravan

informing candidates of the selection results: October 2009

C: Application Procedure:

System and Generation S&G, as the hosting and coordinating
organization, is to apply to the "Youth in Action" National Agency in
Turkey on November 1st, 2009 deadline;

Feedback on the selection results from the National Agency is due not
earlier than two months from the deadline;

D: Project Finances:

Finances: the sending organizations will get Sending Activity Cost (
for NGOs from the Neighboring Partner Countries; for the NGOs from the
EU the amount varies according to the sum agreed upon by the European
Commission and the National Agency in your country ) per volunteer.
The volunteers travel expenses will be reimbursed by S&G covered 100% rate.
The volunteer will have accommodation, food and the local transport
covered 100%. He or she will also receive pocket money of EURO 85 per
The volunteer will have an AXA insurance covered his whole voluntary
period in hosting country.
Visa costs, visa-related costs, and residence permit and vaccination
costs: are 100% covered by S&G.
More information on the project and organization you can find on:

We anticipate that we can make an effective partnership with your
organization during the development and advertising phases of SEN
approved. We kindly invite you to complete the attached identification
form (part III) and fax it (Fax Number: +90 312 230 19 65) to us,
along with the scanned copy of the same to be sent to our email

Kind Regards

Gürkan AKÇAER - Chairman of S&G


Thank You For Your Collaboration
Merci De Votre Collaboration
Grazie Per La Vostra Collaborazione
Muchas Gracias
Tesekkurler( From Gurkan +905334255299)

S&G imaging the societal systems of yesterday and today can
facilitate the generation of foresight in order to build tomorrow.
Gençlik Karavanı Türkiye&Avrupa Yollarında
Youth Caravan on the Road To Europe&Turkey

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